We are very excited and pleased to know that we may have the opportunity to pray, play, and learn together with your child(ren). Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life…” John 14:6. We realize that all truth, academic or spiritual comes from God, and this greatly influences our teachings, care, and nurturing of each child. We count it a privilege to become a part of the experiences your child is exposed to, in order to learn the truth and meaning of life! Above all, we pray that our Preschool and Daycare will be a blessing not only to your child(ren), but also to your whole family. We pray that Sonrise will aid in the development proud, long relationship between the child, the parents, the school, and learning. We want to be available for any needs that arise within your family and with your child. Please feel free to visit anytime. We do believe that the child’s education and care is greatly influenced by positive parental involvement.